Tom Schamp

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Tom Schamp

Born in 1970, Tom Schamp grew up in and around Brussels. He now lives in the suburb of that same city. After graduating from the Applied Arts department at the Sint-Lukas Art School in Brussels, he spent an additional year studying Graphic Design in Poznan (Poland).

Tom has a long track record. His illustrations are aimed at both adults and children. He receives assignments from an international mix of customers, from the very commercial commissions over magazine illustrations to picture books. Over the past twenty years, Tom published thirty-five picture books, many of which have been translated in different languages.

Tom has a ‘complex-naive’ style, often spiced with a touch of humor.
With acrylic paint he achieves the typical color intensity. The past decade Tom paints the different elements of an illustration separately on cardboard, which he later scans to make digital compositions. This technique allows him to find the right rithme more easily and offers Tom the right balance between craft and technology.

Tom's later work is far more detailed than his older illustration up to the point that his illustratons need a trained eye to catch every subtlety. He has a fascination for strange objects, little hand painted boxes, stamps, animal-shaped coffeepots, you name it.

Katrien Schamp

Katrien Van Lierde is Tom’s life and work partner. Having worked for an American multi-national for many years, Tom & Katrien decided to join forces in 2012 in their home-run illustrator’s business. When in contact, you’ll most probably talk to Katrien first. She will answer your questions, arrange a possible commission and pass the torch to Tom for the creative realisation of your project.

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